What do we offer?

We build scalable and smart solutions that create value for your business and ensure continued success. Whether you come to us with just an idea and architecture, or for quality assurance and support, you will receive a tailored solution to suit your exact business needs.

You Think It - We Make It

In this hyper-connected business world and ever-changing digital landscape, everyone needs a solution that is scalable and adaptable. This is why we offer end-to-end designing and development services to you irrespective of industry, and geographical location. We take on projects from any stage and develop, integrate, and engineer custom applications distributed across web and mobile devices that will get your company across the finish line. If you are looking for quality and genuine passion, then FAIMtech is your one-stop-shop to translate your unique business strategy into software solutions.

Web Designing

Be it professional web pages or quirky infographics, we design them all. From portfolio websites to backend web portals, our focus is on clean, elegant, and user centric designs that adhere to the latest material design standards and appeal to your user base.

Web Development

We strive to provide fast loading, user friendly websites and portals that perform for both the end user and the search engines. We specialize in using the Laravel framework and in building custom solutions for both the frontend and backend interactions.

App Development

Watch us ideate, design and develop high quality, custom mobile applications with functional, intuitive, and attractive user interfaces. We specialise in both native and hybrid apps for android or iOS operating systems and aim to set higher standards of efficiency.


The perception of your company in the eyes of the world is your Brand. Your logo, color palette, theme, font, tagline are all a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. We focus on portraying the right image that is in-line with your vision to your valued consumers.

Digital Marketing

With nearly a decade of SEO experience, we have a proven record of putting our clients on the first page by increasing their search ranking, online visibility, and site traffic. We have expertise in SEO, SMO, Google analytics, and social media campaign management to name a few.

Graphic Designing

Be it modern or medieval, we create visual content in the form of icons, banners, illustrations, pictures, typography, etc. All of this while keeping in mind intangibles like tone, emotion, essence, and personality. Our passion and creativity know no bounds and neither should you.